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Benefits We Offer

*Full Time Employees are eligible for benefits after 60 days.

  • Monday thru Thursday Day Shift Hours (10-hour shifts)
  • Hour/Shifts: 5am-3:30pm or 6am-4:30pm
  • Overtime Opportunities on Fridays
  • On-the-Job Continued Training
  • Paid Time Off *Begins after 30 hours worked
  • Paid Holidays
  • Employee Incentive Plan/Bonuses
  • Health Insurance- 90% of premium paid
  • Health Savings Account Contributions
  • Flexible Spending Plan Account
  • Life Insurance- premium paid
  • 401K Retirement Plan Match
  • Family Orientated Environment

From Our Employees

Shane Swanson

"The company has always been there not only for me, but also my family." 

-Shane S.

CNC Machinist

"Cosmos has a small town; hometown feel and nice work hours and environment. It’s a clean work environment. They have a personal family feel and it’s easy to talk to management about different circumstances and they listen."

-Kevin S.

Product Flow Specialist
Glenn Sivertson

"Cosmos welcomes Brainstorming. The lights are always on for innovation throughout the corporate hierarchy." 

-Glenn S.

Prototype/Fixturing Specialist
Jacob Schumm

"I like working at Cosmos because it is a small company where you know everyone by name. It has a family atmosphere and everyone works well together."

-Jake S.

CNC Machinist
Rebecca Quam

"Cosmos has a safe and clean work environment. My co-workers are easy to work with and management is easy to work for. They are willing to train employees that are eager to learn." 

-Becky Q.

CNC Operator
Daniel McCullough

"I like working for people that are compassionate, understanding, and caring. It gives a nice feeling going to work each day for a local business run by people that are enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and always strive for the best." 

-Danny M.

CNC Operator
Rodney Quam

"Cosmos continually trains its employees in cutting edge machine tool technology, promoting proficiency in the trade. They run a diverse number of parts that keep my job interesting and have many high precision parts that test my abilities."

-Rodney Q.

CNC Machinist
Matt Propst

"I like working at Cosmos because everyone is friendly."

-Matt P.

CNC Machinist
Alan Franken

"I chose to work at Cosmos because it’s in the community I live. Prior to working at Cosmos I was commuting 30 minutes plus daily. Cosmos offers a job that I do not have to commute to everyday. Cosmos also offers me the flexibility to attend the activities my kids are in. Cosmos is a family-oriented company."

-Alan F.

Shipping and Receiving Manager

"I like the size of Cosmos, and how they treat their employees (like family.) The employees are not just a number in the computer."

-Gary G.

CNC Operator
Tom Schei

"Cosmos is a great place to work because of the employees, all the way from the top down."

-Tom S.

David Bates

"I started working at Cosmos in 1989. It was a job that not only had challenges but opportunities. As years went by the opportunities came to fruition; I went from a Machinist to a Production Manager to an Owner. Working for a smaller business allows me to know the other employees on a personal level and to be treated as a person not just a number."

-Dave B.

Production Manager and Co-Owner

Cosmos In Action

Watch the videos below to learn more about Cosmos and gather a sense of what it's like to be part of the team.


Tri-State Manufacturers' Association, of which Cosmos Enterprises is a member, produced this video to promote manufacturing careers to students.


The addition of the FANUC M-20iA Robot eliminates Machinist from having to reload machines and can therefore better spend their time programming and performing process improvements.

CNC Machine Operating at Cosmos.

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