Large Enough to Serve You, Small Enough to Care

A lot has changed since Cosmos' humble beginning 60 years ago, but some things still stay the same; a passion for what we do, small town ethics, hardwork and appreciation for our customers. Cosmos is still a privately held company based in Elbow Lake, MN specializing in CNC Machining, Fabricating and Assembly. With 25 employees and 30,000 square feet of manufacturing space we are "large enough to serve you, but small enough to care." We continue our mission to be an innovative job shop with a focus on quality, on-time delivery and a commitment to customer service. Cosmos can handle jobs from prototyping through the manufacturing process to final packaging, using all types of raw materials and castings.

Our Mission


We are an innovative full-service provider of machined & fabricated Parts. We process various metals and plastics within exacting tolerances to meet precision part requirements. Our business conduct is based on integrity, honesty, fairness, teamwork, flexibility and dependability in-order to meet our customers' expectations.

We will continue to grow and diversify our operations to provide financial and operational stability within our company and provide opportunity for our employees to grow with the business. We believe in providing a safe and harmonious work environment for our employees and supporting community involvement.

The values of ingenuity and rising to the challenge are reflected in our legacy of; "...how we are going to do it, not why it can't be done." All of our employees share a commitment to continuous improvement; which ensures that our customers receive superior quality, value and dependability in parts and service.

Official document signed by President Robert D. Grove, Vice President Todd R. Lohse, Secretary/Treasurer David W. Bates, Directors Jacob D. Thorstad and Alexandra L. Thorstad.

Core Values & Beliefs

  • Quality

    We value quality work and quality products.

  • Improvement

    We believe in continuous improvement.

  • Service

    We believe in customer service.

  • Safety

    We value a safe and orderly work environment.

  • Growth

    We believe in profitable growth.

Our Vision

The vision of Cosmos Enterprises is to continuously grow our business while maintaining profitability. We will:

  • Expand & Diversify

    Expand and diversify our customer base to ensure financial stability.

  • Be A Resource

    Be the first resource our customers turn to when they need a manufactured product.

  • Be Employee-Focused

    Have a work environment which is rewarding to all employees.

Our History

Cosmos Enterprises has a long and storied history dating back to 1960.

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