Clint and Evelyn Grove with $500 and a dream began operations as Clint's Body Shop, doing Auto-Body Repair in Downtown Elbow Lake.


Clint and Evie built a new building moving from downtown to Cosmos' present location.


The Groves sold half of their interest in the body shop to Mert Schuck and changed the name from Clint's Body Shop to CosMos, which was an acronym for Clint owns some Mert owns some.


Clint developed a front wheel alignment system for four wheel drive vehicles called the CosMos Shim System.


Clint & Evie bought Mert's share of the business. Mert then started his own body shop. Clint kept doing body work, but concentrated more on chassis repair. Clint and Evie renamed CosMos to Cosmos Enterprises, Inc. Clint and Mert still remain friends today.


Clint Grove patents his CosMos Shim System. Over one million shims have been sold worldwide since then. Cosmos Enterprises acquires Edlund Manufacturing bringing Manufacturing capabilities in-house.


Clint assisted Jeff Golberg in researching and developing the Cosmos Quick Boot. The Cosmos Quick Boot is a wrap-around neoprene boot that protects the constant velocity (CV) joint.


Clint and Jeff Golberg incorporated Cosmos International, Inc. They began operations under the same roof as Cosmos Enterprises, Inc. to assemble and market the Cosmos Quick Boot. This product was patented and sold internationally. Shortly thereafter, Cosmos International was sold to the Niwot Corporation dba Specialty Products of Longmont, Colorado and relocated to its present day location.


Clint and Robert Grove developed and patented a rear wheel alignment system to align the rear wheels of front wheel drive vehicles. As a result of this effort, Cosmos entered into an agreement with Northstar Manufacturing Co. to assist in all of their development work in the wheel alignment trouble-shooting field.


Clint Grove creates Tri-State Manufacturer's Association as a grass-roots effort for area manufacturers to collaborate and help each other. Cosmos is still a member and strong supporter of this organization today.


Clint and Robert Grove along with Gleo Swenson patent a hinge and connection assembly kit for a removable truck topper, which enables the cap to be lifted from the side to provide access to the bed of the pickup. Later that year Clint and Robert Grove patented a shim used to adjust camber in a wheel mounted on a suspension assembly that has a mounting plate with an opening for a drive axle for mounting both a brake caliper and a hub and wheel bearing assembly.


Clint and Robert Grove along with Jim Ryshavy and Tom Spears from Northstar Manufacturing Co. patented a unique bolt and sleeve assembly used to adjust camber in a vehicle with strut suspension.


Clint retired from Cosmos and sold it to his two sons Bill and Robert Grove.


Bill and Robert Grove develop ICF form web ties for cement forms and form the company Grove Ventures.


Bill leaves Cosmos to start his own company Grove Complete. Robert offers part ownership to 4 key employees within the company: Todd Lohse, Jessica Nelson, David Bates and James Warde.


Cosmos adds 4-axis machining capabilities.


James Warde retires.


Cosmos purchases its first robot: the Fanuc M-20iA to product load machines and increase productivity.


Cosmos adds 5-axis machining capabilities.


Jessica Nelson sells her shares of ownership.


Cosmos becomes a third generation owned company when Robert Grove's daughter Alexandra (Grove) Thorstad and son-in-law Jacob Thorstad become part owners in the company.

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