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Precision CNC Machining and Fabricating - Serving the Fargo ND Area


Agriculture Machinery Equipment Manufacturer

One of our customers in Fargo, ND is an agriculture machinery equipment manufacturer. One of the parts that we produce for them is an 83” X 1” long drive shaft. The production of this drive shaft involves tight tolerance machining for a bearing on one end and a drive gear machined onto the other end. All of the unique components for this customers' parts require very specific machining and the use of several CNC machines and processes. Luckily, Cosmos Enterprises has all of the necessary equipment to product this part with precision.



Customized Precision CNC Machining Solutions for Fargo, Grand Forks, Wahpeton

Cosmos has the what your company needs for CNC machining. For our customer in Fargo, we produce several unique parts through our custom CNC machining solutions. We will find the right solution for your machining needs too, just contact us for details. Our machine shop offers the following services: CNC vertical milling, CNC turning, fabricating, assembly and packaging.


Request a quote today from Cosmos Enterprises by calling 800-726-1965 or emailing us your prints and quantity requirements. We can provide you an accurate quote quickly!



Custom Parts. Custom Made in the U.S.A.