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Rapid Productivity Increase With New Robot

Cosmos Enterprises in Elbow Lake purchased a robot in December that has become an asset to its company while rapidly increasing productivity. The FANUC M-20iA has many capabilities but currently feeds raw material into two vertical milling machines operating at the same time to be produced into parts for a variety of products.

The introduction of the Robot at Cosmos eliminated skilled operators from doing more tedious, less complicated tasks such as reloading a machine. "This is a huge benefit with a lack of skilled machinist available in the job market today," said Robert Grove, president of Cosmos Enterprises. "With the robot feeding the machines for the machinist their time can be better spent doing more skilled tasks such as programming the machines and focusing on process improvements."

He said the company can always rely on the robot to be helpful and reliable whenever they need it for a job. Plus, employees are less likely to grow tired through their long shifts. “You can get in trouble when workers have to do repetitive tasks,” Grove said. “Having the robot eliminates those health risks and it’s 100 percent steady.”

He said jobs for clients that require hundreds of the same parts to be produced are most suitable for the robot, and the machine increased their productivity of his employees and machines by 104 percent during a recent job.

The FANUC M-20iA is uniquely designed with a slim arm hollowed out allowing utilities to be built inside for a compact design leaving a small imprint on floor space. This specific Robot is an industry leader in reliability, payload, reach and axes speed, perfect for a multitude of manufacturing solutions.

Cosmos Enterprises is a privately held company based in Elbow Lake, MN with over 55 years of experience. Cosmos specializes in CNC Machining, Fabricating and Assembly. With 25 employees and 30,000 square feet of manufacturing space they are "large enough to serve you, but small enough to care." Cosmos Enterprises can handle jobs from prototyping through the manufacturing process to final packaging, using all types of raw materials and castings.


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