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Another Win for "Made in America" - Offshore Cost vs. USA Quality

               We have for you, a recent "WIN" story for our "Made in America" products, read on!

USA Machined Winch

One of our OEM customers developed a new type of boat lift winch, which is stronger, safer, and does not make that annoying "clickity clickity clickity" sound when in use. In fact, it is almost completely silent. This winch is sold exclusively to another company, that manufactures and markets boat lifts and docks to dealers throughout the U.S.

Originally sourced from China, our customer was not consistently receiving usable product.
Literally every winch had to be disassembled and inspected, with a high percentage of product found to be defective. The non-conformances involved every aspect of the product. The problems ranged from bad paint, to missing components, to poorly welded components, to poorly machined components.

Poor quality control overall!

After 2-1/2 years of receiving inconsistent product, and faced with losing his exclusive business with his boat lift manufacturer, our customer approached us to see if we had the capability to manufacture and assemble the entire product here in our facility.

We are proud to be the "Made in the USA" manufacturer of this product. Although the per piece cost of the product is higher now than what he was paying for the product he was receiving from China, he is now getting high quality, 100% inspected, "usable out of the box" boat winches, that his customer can ship with confidence. No delays, no returns, no headaches. To say that he is happy with his decision to move this product from China to Cosmos is an understatement. Sounds good doesn't it?

How did we do it? Starting with cast aluminum housings and covers, these boat lift winches are precision machined, and then powder coat painted. We then press sealed bearings into both the housing and the cover. Inside the winches we install a series of machined shafts with bearing bore tolerances on each end, and have sprockets welded to them. These sub-assemblies are clear zinc plated to help prevent corrosion. Both concentricity and weld integrity are of utmost importance on these components. Heavy duty chains connect the wheel input shaft, through the series of sprockets and then to the winches final cable spool. This is clearly NOT your father's boat winch! But maybe it should be?

For this product, Cosmos utilizes tight tolerance machining, welding, hydraulic bearing press, powder coat paint (subcontract), clear zinc plating (subcontract), assembly and inspection processes. We had returnable shipping containers built, which hold 24 winches in each container, and we deliver ready to ship product in individual packages.

CNC Machined Boat Winch

is the total cost of sourcing product from over seas?
What about the shipping costs? The additional lead times required?  Poor quality? Customer returns? In this case, this customer came close to losing all of the business he had worked so hard to earn and all of the time and money spent on product development and marketing!

If you're in the same boat as our winch customer, give Cosmos a call and we'll help you figure out a "Made in America" manufacturing solution to your problem!


CNC Machining Winch Product Machine Shop Winch Project

Proudly made in the USA - Everyone wins!


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