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 CNC Machining, Fabricating, and Assembly
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Precision made parts and products

Cosmos approaches CNC Turning, CNC Milling, fabricating and assembly of your parts and products systematically, to give you the peace of mind and confidence that your products are:


  • MANUFACTURED and finished to your specifications
  • INSPECTED for quality and compliance
  • Delivered ON TIME


Our attention to process consistency, and our commitment to precision, gives you the assurance that Cosmos Enterprises should be your precision manufacturing partner.


Committed to a Consistency of Purpose

Specifications and quality requirements differ with every part and product. Our state of the art technology and equipment allows us to deliver custom products to your design specifications, with a consistency of purpose. Our internal management process and our attention to employee training shows our commitment to consistently uphold and improve our ISO compliant Quality Management System (QMS).



QMS Done With a Purpose!

Cosmos Enterprises is committed to a setting the bar for consistent quality and precision.  Our core company values place a huge emphasis on experience, expertise, capability, performance, safety, reliability and quality.





 Your Custom Parts.

Custom Made in the U.S.A.